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Easily create live show visuals with AI

Most musicians are not VJs. But if you still want to have appealing visuals to enhance your live music, AI can help. In this article we discuss an example that was made for Kay Slice, a Dutch-Ghanaian afro-futurism artist. The visual belongs to a live song that is getting wilder and that's why the visuals are getting more and more expressive. Below you can find the end result.

This example uses Dall-E, a simple text-to-image system. With Dall-E you generate images and you can also ask the system to adjust the outside of an image or add elements to it. This is called outpainting.

The above printscreen shows the interface of DALL-E in which an image of a sunrise in Accra, Ghana has been generated. The erase function was then used to remove a small border on the right side of the image and a new prompt (description) was entered to generate a new piece of photo. This produces the following result.

The image has become a lot bigger and more futuristic because of this. If your image is large enough, you can download it from Dall-E and import it into iMovie or another video editing tool.

In the example below, it was chosen to generate an elongated image with a frame added to the right side. Then iMovie was used to make the image move from left to right, making it appear as if a video is playing. You can also choose to move the image in other ways. For example from top to bottom.

Despite the fact that the images are not perfectly hi-res - and they contain a mistake here and there - you can still make cool visuals by trying a lot that come into their own on a projection screen.

Be aware

Keep in mind that there are risks associated with using text-to-image systems such as Dall-E. These systems are often trained on copyrighted material and also include all the material you create yourself in their dataset. In addition, these systems have been trained on data from the internet that is not representative of society. The results are therefore often sexist or racist.


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