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The latest technology, for every musician in the Netherlands

Open Culture Tech is an initiative to make the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR) and Avatar technology more accessible to musicians in the Netherlands.

Open Culture Tech is all about sharing knowledge, experience and resources that musicians can use immediately in their live performances. Open Cultuur Tech does this by building a toolkit with accessible AI, AR and Avatar technology and publishing content including best practices, opinions and experiences of experts.

In a public Discord channel and during various (hybrid) live events, Open Culture Tech offers the space for creative makers to share knowledge and experiences, and to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the latest technological developments.

Within Open Culture Tech there is special attention for designing own AI, AR and Avatar applications for the toolkit in collaboration with musicians and their audience. For example, we build innovative prototypes together and test them during the various live events.

Interested in participating? Contact us!


Together with musicians, audiences, designers and programmers

In working with AI, AR and Avatar technology, many different worlds come together. It is about the creative expression of musicians on the one hand, but it is also about the perception of the audience. It is about designing interactive experiences (UX), but it is also about programming computer code.

Open Culture Tech brings together these different types of knowledge and experience in its toolkit, updates and community. The core team consists of Thunderboom Records, Superposition, Reblika and Sound & Vision and is constantly supplemented by different musicians and their audiences.

Are you a musician and are you interested in working with innovative technology? Send us a message or sign up below!

Musicians wanted

Open Culture Tech is always looking for musicians who want to experiment with the latest AI, AR or Avatar technology.

Building on public values

Grimes clones her voice with AI, the Gorillaz are an AR experience in Times Square, and Travis Scott is an avatar in Fortnite. These world-renowned artists have the opportunity and resources to experiment with the most cutting-edge technology.

But how can we ensure that musicians in the Netherlands also have the opportunities and resources to work with the latest technology? In which artistic freedom, intellectual property, data privacy and the transparent functioning of technology are not lost?

Open Culture Tech is an initiative of Thunderboom Records, a foundation that is committed to the responsible development and application of new technology in the music industry. Based on public values, they – together with their partners – are building a future in which every musician in the Netherlands is given equal opportunities and resources to work safely and autonomously with the latest technology.


The initiators of Open Culture Tech.

Thunderboom Records

Develops responsible technology for the music industry.
Responsible for AI technology and project management.


Innovative design studio with a focus on designing interactive experiences. Responsible for the AR technology.


Digital human agency with expertise in the field of 3D technology. Responsible for the Avatar technology.

Beeld & Geluid

Manages one of the largest digitized media archives in the world. Responsible for knowledge sharing.

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Centre of Applied
Research for Art, Design
and Technology



For questions, comments or participation requests, please contact Thunderboom Records at or

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