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Summary Report

This report is a summary of results we collected in the first 7 months of the Open Culture Tech project. We surveyed more than 100 artists and other relevant stakeholders from the music industry. We have done this in knowledge sessions, guest lectures, workshops at conferences (such as ADE and ESNS), surveys and interviews.

Picture by Calluna Dekkers

It is important for the Open Culture Tech project to map out where the opportunities and challenges lie for emerging artists. This way we ensure that we develop technology that meets the needs of artists and their audiences. It is also important to share more information with the sector.

It is important for artists to know what their options are, even with small budgets and limited technical knowledge. It is important for the broader industry to know how they can facilitate artists and how we can ensure that the Dutch music landscape does not fall behind compared to, for example, the American or Chinese music industry.

LINK to full Summary Report


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