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Sound & Vision - audiovisual exploration hub

Sound & Vision is the national media archive and museum. Sound & Vision is based in Hilversum and serves most of the Dutch public broadcasters and has millions of hours of audiovisual, text, game and other content. It therefore offers many opportunities to experiment in the world of audiovisual research and design. This is important because heritage is meant to live and be reused. Open Culture Tech is a welcome addition to the growing portfolio of technology-driven projects with which the institute and its partners explore new possibilities for creative makers.

Credits: Jorrit Lousberg

As a public institution that exists to serve and facilitate the needs of the public, Sound & Vision places great value on the responsible and ethical application of new technology such as AI and AR. Ethical questions surrounding AI are endless and constantly evolving as technology advances. Open Culture Tech is a perfect example of an artistic and technology-driven initiative that can enhance the potential of new technology for the creative industry.

Gregory Markus, founder of the RE:VIVE project and project leader at Sound & Vision states that “Open Culture Tech is a pioneering venture that can connect new tools with audiovisual electronic music performances. This lowers the barrier to entry to the point where any artist can explore this exciting new territory.”

Credits: Jorrit Lousberg

Collaborating with Thunderboom Records is not new for Sound & Vision. The institute was a partner in the WAIVE project and Open Culture Tech partner Superposition is also a long-term collaborator. As part of Open Culture Tech, Sound & Vision will activate its international network of creative, artistic and cultural partners to provide invaluable network collaboration, input from best practices and diverse user needs. This ensures that the results of Open Culture Tech end up in the hands of musicians from far and wide.


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