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Open Call / Artists wanted (closed)

Are you curious about the possibilities of new technology? Are you open to experiment and do you want to apply the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR) and Avatar technology during live shows? Then this is the chance to sign up for Open Culture Tech's unique Testing Program. Artists from every genre are welcome.

In the Test Program, selected musicians get unique access to the latest experimental AI, AR and Avatar technology. In a period of 6 weeks you will work towards your own live show in which you can apply the most advanced technology of the moment. Exactly the way you want it. In the preparation you will be guided by technical experts who will support you from your own artistic vision.

The program

- Compensation of ± €1,500

- Your own live show in October (2023), February (2024) or June (2024)

- A concert location of your choice

- The ability to experiment with AI, AR or Avatar technology

- Preparation time and technical expert support

- Musical and artistic freedom

Explore innovative shapes and sounds using AI, build a virtual stage with floating scenery in AR, or use Avatars as body doubles, backup dancers, or band members. You literally get all the freedom to enrich your music and performance in endless ways – exactly the way you want.

Open Call is closed

Program structure

Phase 1

In the first phase, you will explore the possibilities of experimental AI, AR or Avatar technology. You test different techniques in the creative studio and, together with technical experts, build a live show in which your live concert is enriched by the latest technology.

Phase 2

The second phase consists of your unique live concert in which you and your audience discover how the new technology works in practice. It is important that there is room to experiment during the live show. This also means that you are allowed to make mistakes and that the public is involved in this process.

Phase 3

In the third phase, the live show is discussed with the audience and technical experts. This happens directly in the room after the show. What could we learn from your live concert? did everything go according to plan or do things on stage work differently than hoped? What went well and what could we do differently next time? For example, will you continue to use the technology in subsequent shows or would you like something different?

After the show, the Testing Program ends and you may continue to use the technology however you wish. You are part of the Open Culture Tech community and are automatically invited to all following events and programs.

Tool kit

The ultimate goal of Open Culture Tech is to develop a public toolkit with accessible technology and best practices that every musician in the Netherlands can easily use. Your experiences during the Test Program will be taken into account in the development of this toolkit and are an important part of this development process.

For every musician in the Netherlands

The Test Program of Open Culture Tech offers all musicians in the Netherlands access to technology that until now was only available to world-famous artists such as Beyoncé, Gorillaz or Travis Scott. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, Open Culture Tech's Testing Program welcomes all types of musicians of all skill levels.

Open Call is closed


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