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Meet our artists

Open Culture Tech is working towards an open-source toolkit with existing and self-built tools for AI, AR and Avatar technology. To build this toolkit, we will organize several live shows with collaborating musicians in the coming year to test tools in practice.

We are very proud to introduce the collaborating artists below. Keep an eye on our agenda so you don't miss any of the shows. If you can't wait, come tomorrow to the Popronde in the EKKO (Utrecht), where OATS will experiment with live avatar technology. Or visit ADE, where Ineffect presents an immersive live experience with AR technology.


Ineffekt has proven himself to be a multi-genre producer and DJ who fuses all the sounds he adores. His never-ending energy is heard in the adventurous tracks selected during his sets. Having his breakthrough year in a time when clubs were closed, festivals were forbidden and dancing happened in secret, this young artist is driven to let the world know who he is.


Melding the aggression of punk and metal and technical intricacies of jazz, OATS are making their mark with an emotional and hard hitting live act. Their refreshing blend of genres such as emo, math rock and experimental hip hop ensure a passionate performance not to be missed. They have performed at Complexity Fest 2023 and have been selected as NMTH talent for Popronde 2023.

Nana Fofie

Nana Fofie, is a 28-year-old singer and songwriter born and raised in the Netherlands of Ghanaian descent. Nana grew up in a wholesome Ghanaian household, for others to be considered quite untraditional. Her late father was an experienced singer who showed her the various sides of music, from modern soul to traditional Ghanaian music to R&B. Nana had her first cosigns from the likes of Nicki Minaj in 2019 , with a highlight performing at Amsterdam’s Ziggo Dome in front of 15,000 people. Nana’s career has continued to grow with over 60 million total streams, 2023 presents the year of Nana’s breakthrough project.

Alex Figueira

Alex Figueira (pronounced Fee-Gay-Ra) is a versatile Venezuelan-Portuguese musician, producer, DJ, and record collector based in Brussels. He's known as the “hardest working man in Tropical music” and has founded successful music projects like Fumaça Preta, Conjunto Papa Upa, Vintage Voudou Records, Music With Soul Records, and the Heat Too Hot music studio. His solo debut album "Mentallogenic" received critical acclaim, and he's gained recognition from industry leaders like Kenny Dope and Giles Peterson. Figueira blends lesser-known genres from Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin America with vintage soul, funk, and psychedelia, resulting in a unique and experimental musical style.


Melleni is the moniker of songwriter and producer Melle Jutte. His musical odyssey weaves together an eclectic blend of influences, encompassing the pulsating rhythms of house and techno, the diverse world of global grooves, and the immersive soundscapes of experimental and ambient music. Melleni's distinctive sound is subtly enhanced by the inclusion of live elements and vocals, capturing the essence of Melle Jutte's artistic persona. Together, this musical fusion creates an enchanting narrative that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Eveline Ypma

Eveline Ypma is a filmcomposer, multi-instrumentalist and sound artist from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She is specialized in composition with a modest and playful character. Her love for nature can be heard through the soundscapes in her compositions; this brings an organic and quirky dimension to her music.

As a studious musician Eveline explores her surroundings for interesting sounds, from volcanic vibrations from Iceland to human and natural sounds at a beach entrance in the Dutch dunes. With a combination of field recordings, sound scapes and musical instruments she tells a story in a masterly way. Her use of characteristic sounds and her authentic approach make her compositions unique.

Jan Modaal

Jan Modaal writes punk “smartlappen”. Jan's texts reveal a great love for the Dutch language. The songs are somewhere between a cheerful indictment and an angry declaration of love. “Wil je dood ofzo?”, Jan Modaal's debut, was released in 2020. Jan explains his vision of the world in four cutting, tearing pieces. The second EP, Dode Witte Man (Dead White Man), was released in 2023. Hard, catchy and straightforward. Jan Modaal is a man of the people, the strident voice of a generation.

Sophie Jurrjens

Sophie Jurrjens lives for music. Sophie is a composer and creative entrepreneur, interested in merging music with the environment. After completing her bachelor's degree at the Utrecht Conservatory, she graduated from the interfaculty of ArtScience at the Royal Conservatory/Royal Academy of Visual Arts in The Hague. To let people experience the power of music, Sophie has developed the Off-Track app. Off-Track transforms going outside into an experience by adding music to a walking route. They write the music themselves and adapt it to the route you walk.


Smitty (27) is a multi-talent from Haarlem who masters both the art of rapping and the skills of a producer. With roots in the Dominican Republic and lyrics in Dutch and English, Smitty has serious international appeal. The rapper/producer has been a valuable member of hip hop/trap collective Black Acid since 2016 and also makes strong moves solo. Smitty is a passionate story-teller and you can hear that in his music. His sound is unequivocally unique: tough and sincere, and supported by razor-sharp lyrics. During his show at Creative by Nature, the rapper played an acoustic version of his songs for the first time - a step that proved his diversity as an artist.

Casimir & Sofia

Sofia Maria and Casimir regularly perform together at festivals and clubs throughout the Netherlands. As a duo they have only been playing together for a few years, yet they already have a number of major festivals under their belt. Always from behind a digital turntable and often in front of a broad audience. From Amsterdam Dance Event to Best Kept Secret. They play a variety of styles between house, electro and a touch of breakbeat here and there.

Instagram (Casimir)

Instagram (Sofia)

Vincent Höfte

Vincent Höfte is 30 years old and lives in The Hague, works in Amsterdam as an engineer. Music, and piano in particular, has been his hobby for 20 years. After briefly considering the conservatory, it remained a hobby. His situation is recognizable to many: "little time, I would like to play more again". Fortunately, there are public station pianos and they always provide motivation to go for an unsolicited station concert. Especially for themselves, but perhaps also for the casual spectator.


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