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Collective AR during ADE

Last month, we created an AR (Augmented Reality) experience for upcoming DJ Ineffekt that premiered at the Amsterdam Dance Event. It enabled the audience to collectively enter the world of Ineffekt in AR while listening to his new EP called High Hopes. Ineffekt had previously worked with director Cas Mulder to create a short video for his EP that was released last August. The clip features the producer in a seemingly empty space, watching an organism grow inside a contamination box. 

Since the contamination box and its contents had all been designed by an amazing VFX team, we figured it would be interesting to create a ‘follow up’ to the video in AR. In other words, what happened to the growing organism in the glass box?


The AR was presented four times during ADE, and was freely accessible. Visitors would gather on the street in front of a record store. The High Hopes EP would start playing, and we would invite the audience to scan a QR code that would instantly serve the AR experience, without the need for downloading an app first*.


Once inside the AR experience, the audience found themselves surrounded by a pulsating, post-apocalyptic landscape. Fragments from the contamination box, now almost completely overrun, can be seen. The yellow organism that was growing so quickly inside the box is now everywhere. And after some exploration, the audience could see that Ineffekt is watching this (and them?) all from a short distance, seemingly content. The message: you cannot restrain growth; nature (or creativity?) will always find its way. 


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