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Case study: AI, AR, pianos and soundscapes

Eveline Ypma is a soundscape artist from Amsterdam and Vincent Höfte is a jazz pianist from The Hague. Together with the Open Culture Tech team, both artists have worked on two unique concepts in which we use our own generative AI and mobile Augmented Reality prototypes to enrich their live performances. In this article we will briefly take you through our journey.

Eveline Ypma & AI samples

Laugarvatn is an existing production created by Eveline Ypma, consisting of three parts of 5 minutes each. The performance is named after a place where Eveline Ypma made several field recordings during her residency on Iceland. These field recordings form the basis for three soundscapes in which she combines these field recordings with live vocals and bass guitar. Together with the Open Culture Tech team, a fourth part of 10 minutes has been created in which the Icelandic field recordings have been replaced by AI-generated sound samples, in the style of her original Icelandic field recordings.


To generate original samples, Eveline played with various text-to-music tools (ChatGPTs for music). During her residency on Iceland, Eveline never saw the Northern Lights, so she decided to use AI to generate unique sound samples based on the prompt “Northern Lights Soundscape”. In this way, Eveline was able to create new music inspired by her journey and add a musical piece to her already existing work Laugarvatn.

The result of the collaboration between Eveline Ypma and Open Culture Tech is not only a beautiful showcase in which we have used generative AI to generate unique samples for live performance, but also the first version of our own open-source AI tool that allows anyone to sample their own samples. can create based on prompts. If you are curious about the process of creating this tool, and want to know more about how this application came about, read the detailed article here. And stay tuned, the Open Culture Tech AI-driven sample tool will be published soon.

Vincent Höfte & mobile AR

Vincent Hofte is a jazz pianist who regularly plays on public pianos at train stations throughout The Netherlands. Together with Open Culture Tech, Vincent has created a short performance in which he plays his own piano pieces while a mobile Augmented Reality filter adds a visual layer to reality. By scanning a QR code with your smartphone, you see colored shapes floating through the train station. These shapes are remixed photos of the station hall itself, creating a mix between the architecture of the station and the repeating shapes in the photos.

This show used the first version of our own Augmented Reality app, which we will publish for free and publicly in a few months. If you are also curious about the process of creating this application and want to know more about how this application was created, read the extensive article here.


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