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3D scanning for music artists

In the search for new technological dimensions, we use 3D scanning for our AR and avatar applications. This is an easy way to create and apply virtual people or objects in live visuals, AR experiences or elements in hybrid concerts. Artists can integrate 3D scans of themselves into augmented reality experiences during live shows. This can range from interactive AR elements to full digital replicas that appear next to the artist.

What is 3D scanning?

A 3D scan is a three-dimensional digital scan of a person, object or environment. There are different ways to make 3D scans. This can be done, for example, with the help of Lidar or photogrammetry. Lidar technology uses lasers to map the environment and generate accurate 3D models. Nowadays, iPhone Pros already have a built-in lidar scanner. Photogrammetry involves taking multiple photos from different angles and combining them to reconstruct a 3D model. This is the method we also use for our 3D scans.

In response to this status quo, Thunderboom Records and Reblika have attempted to create a virtual artist that goes beyond these stereotypes and makes innovative use of the possibilities of avatar technology. The concept behind Fi is that Fi can be anyone and doesn't have to conform to one type of appearance. Fi is virtual and therefore fluid. As a virtual character, Fi could take different forms, combine different genres and go beyond stereotypes. In addition, it was important that Fi did not become a virtual artist who would replace human artists. Fi must above all work together and help human artists move forward.

There are various apps that allow you to easily make a 3D scan. We are currently testing Polycam as it is an easy to use app. It is important to mention that this app is user-friendly, but it does collect data from the users and that the 3D scans you make also become the property of Polycam. We are still looking for alternatives that have better terms of use.

How do we apply 3D scans?

Within the Open Culture Tech project, 3D scans are a good way to create digital doubles of the artists we work with. We use these digital doubles, for example, to create animations during live shows or to build avatars. In the case of Smitty, for example, we use the scan to create older and younger versions of him that are reflected in the narrative of his live performance. It gives us the opportunity to do this in detail because the scans are very precise.

3D scanning is also an important feature for the development of our AR tool. It offers the ability to add custom elements to the digital world you are creating. For example, consider scanning certain landscapes or objects that are important to you as an artist, your performance or the story you want to tell.


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